What I Learned From A Seagull

“we only truly have the ‘now’, let’s not let worry rob us of it

I sometimes catch myself being worried about my future, getting disappointed when I look at my past, and I forget to be in the moment. When I’m in that mindset, I compare myself to everyone that’s successful in my eyes, and wonder if I’ll ever make it to where I want to be. In a random moment on a beach I was dwelling in those thoughts. Suddenly – a seagull landed right in front of me, and I felt like something was downloaded into my brain. It was a simple, profound whisper from the man upstairs. He reminded me of a verse that talks about how He takes care of all the birds and makes sure they’re fed, so how much more will He take care of us? (Matt 6:26-28). Within that same inspiring thought, He sparked an intriguing question:

“But study the bird… does it sit in it’s tree worrying about its future, or feeling ashamed of its past? No, it’s in the present moment doing all it can to search, seek, work and find what it knows it needs.”

When we get caught in ‘worry-mode’, we to have stop and ask ourselves, “Do I want to spend this time I have worrying about what could happen for the worst, or for the best?” Here’s a surreal thought – those things that we worry about that could be the worst case scenario are a realistic possibility, and the things that are best case scenario are also a very realistic possibility. Have you ever heard somebody or yourself say, “Bad things always happens to me” “I’ll never be good enough…” “It’s too late for me…”? Where we focus all of our energy and thoughts is typically what seems to happen. Some call it “law of attraction”, but it’s also called “speaking into existence.”

Here’s just a few of many scriptural references:

Proverbs 18:21: The power of death and life are in the tongue | Mark 11:23: Whoever says to this mountain be moved with full belief and faith in his heart, it will come to pass | Matt. 21:22: Ask in prayer, and you will receive through faith.

What also keeps my thoughts in check is Phil. 4:8 that says to only think about things that are of God because if they’re not, then they are of destruction. Another truth that keeps my thoughts in line, is which ever thoughts we believe is our ‘god’. I know what you might be thinking, “What? Our ‘god’? Kasey, that’s a little extreme.” Ponder on it though… If we believe those depressive, negative, anxious, and discouraging thoughts, then we are submitting ourselves to be powerless. If we believe those positive, encouraging, life-giving, and mountain moving thoughts, then we are ‘mountain movers’.

When I get caught in that “stinkin’ thinkin’,” whatever I’m anxious about, scared of, and discouraged about becomes my reality – it becomes my truth. I eat, breathe, drink, and live with those depressive thoughts of never feeling good enough. I walk around in it, allow it to bully me in my head, and let it suppress my spirit. I learned I don’t have to “wait on God” to change me. He empowered me to help myself at any opportune moment. (1 John 4:4).

He equipped me to initiate growth, renewal of my mind, and identify my thoughts with His thoughts.

Something I’m continuing to learn with my relationship with God, is He is a purposeful God. He promises to take care of us, but that promise can go two ways. He promises what we need will be there as long as we do all we can to search for it, and as long as we stay faithful no matter the circumstance (Romans 8:28). Why doesn’t He just hand everything to us on a silver platter? It’s because we haven’t made ourselves ready for it, and/or we will just become brats. I’m not saying God won’t bless us beyond measure even when we don’t deserve it, but if things were just handed to us without putting in the necessary learning and work – we would be ill-equipped. 

He wants to train us, grow us, and allow us to see that even though He provides all we need, we still add value to the equation through our faithful actions (Luke 11:9, James 2:14-18).

Back at the beach when I was caught gazing in those pessimistic thoughts, the seagull helped bring me back to my present moment. We only truly have the now, so let’s not allow worry to rob us of it. Instead, let’s do something about what we want to see happen! What trips me up sometimes, is we will never get this exact moment back ever again. Time continues to move forward whether we stay in the same place or not. If we’ll never get this time back, then we’re making history with every second of everyday. How do we want our history to be known? As the person who could never get unstuck from those limiting mindsets, or the person who made the decision to lay down that boundary of not accepting anything less than what God says? It’s up to us. 

Do we want to be worrying in the tree, or searching like the seagull?


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