hi, i’m Kasey

I’m just a girl from Virginia Beach who’s been given a passion for changing the world through empowerment, self discovery, and creativity. 

2011 – The Current FM Studio – Age: 18

When I was 18, I was given the opportunity to be the female personality on a local radio station The Current FM, on a weekly show called Duke and the Gang. There is where I learned my love and passion for empowering others, being real/transparent about life and growth, and discussing entrepreneurial/business topics. I saw myself blossom in the area of being a bridge for people to help get them where they want/need to go; whether it be help for overcoming depression or creative ideas for local business startups. 

After my radio days, I was hired at a local creative studio, SoundVision Studios, and am currently the Creative Manager. Along my journey, I’ve grown my love and skills for design, photo, video, and even dabbling in audio production. Through my journey of developing these skills, I’ve also developed a love for helping others with their creative ideas/ventures. I’ve gained experience in business branding, and becoming my own personal creative.

This site was birthed because I wanted to create a community for anyone who my blog posts relates to, and to build a ground for people to stand on when in need of inspiration, encouragement, and understanding. I look forward to unraveling what I’ve felt so led to work on for years and hope it blesses, encourages, inspires, and motivates anyone who this comes across. If you’d like to reach me, you can get in touch through my contact page, or scroll down and be directed to my Instagram. 



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